Here are some cool Photos from the 2007 First Energy Berks Jazz Fest
Photos by Andrew Leply

The Berks Jazzfest Horns in a group photo with the Heads Up All Star Band. What a show!

My Friend Jerry Laboranti joining the Jazz Fest Horns.Mike Anderson hidden behind Plexi-glass sound shield.


Here are members of the Sax Pack Playing for the Chuck Loeb Show.

Jazzfest horns backin up the Sax Pack....too much fun. takin a ride as Jeff Kashiwa looks on.

Anomaly plays Canal Street Pub For Jazz Fest.
It was also St. Patty's day!!!!!...Green Beer!!!!

Anomaly playing non traditional "Irish" Jazz

Rob McDiener and the Jazz group McNomaly.....yeah green beer.

Chuck and I in amazement as Hesse takes Bb sax playing to new levels.

Nice Crowd!

Hanging out with friends when I subbed for the tour of The Producers in Philly.
From Left to Right: Dylan Schwab,Ryan Redden, Dave Ashley, and me...

ANOMALY...Live at Snook's Pub Reading, Pa.

Darts anyone?

Crowd looking on as I attempt to tell a joke.

Me playing in front of the wall of would be amazed at who has signed that thing!!

Proving that things can be more fun while wearing a limited addition "ANOMALY" T-shirt.

Anomaly at Dylans Pub,Collegeville Pa.

Fun at a new Venue!


Outburst of laughter for no apparent reason..I like fun and stuff!!

Chuck soloing as Mike Gordon keeps layin down the groove.

I hope Sonare' comes out with a Flugelhorn!!!

Live at Union Jacks. First full length feature film for Anomaly!!!

Sean Krieder. Director, producer, technical support.

Me enjoying my new Sonare' 900 series trumpet!!!!!

Hesse and Chuck.

Marty Bonk in Tribute to Minnie Pearl...leaves guitar price tag on new guitar.
The young guys in the band thought Minnie Pearl was the finish on the guitar...

Meditating as Mike Gordon lays down some grooves.

Paul Gallello

The "Mayor" of Fleetwood ...seated center...shows up with friends.

"Add witty comment here"

Myself, Matt Niezney, Sean Krieder, and Chuck playin some tunes.

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