Here are some fun photos from the 2010 Berks Jazz Fest

.Here are the Berks Jazz Fest Horns playing with Brian Bromberg.

Dress Rehersal for the Rick Braun and friends show....what fun.

From left to right. Russ Braun, Rick Braun, me, and Mike Anderson.

Jammin out!!!!!

Maybe I should have brought a C trumpet for this gig.


Jazz Fest horns at the Greg Karukas show.

Here are some photos of Anomaly at Flavorfest
Located at Mount Hope Estate and Winery

Rockin it out in the sun!!! Really, it must have been about 100 degrees!!!

Chuck, Chris , and I layin down some horn parts.

Hesse Takes a ride as I examine my part intensely.

.I take a ride as Chuck examines his part.

Mike and Paul gettin funky.

Hesse and I examine Marty.

Mike and Marty lockin down the groove!!!

Enjoying the sound of music.

Special guests, Shawn Kreider, and Bob Lemon.

Buglers Holiday anyone????

Still 100 degrees!!!!

Only at an Anomaly gig.

Crazed fan rushes the stage.

Security talks to crazed fan.

Crazed fan escorted away from stage.....too funny, but Anomaly will do that to you.

Here are some fun photos Courtesy of Larsnat syndicate from a gig I did at Rehobeth Beach.

Nothing like a Summer pavilion show.

This guy either loves or hates what I am playing.....haha.

Me and my friend Mike Eben.

Here are some pics of Anomaly at Gerald Veasley's Jazz Base.




Some Flugelhorn anyone???

Paul Gallello and Mike Gordon.

.Great crowd!!!!!!

Ron Stabinsky telling the greatest joke ever told.

I love playing Nascar races!!!!!!!!

.Me Matt and Shawn enjoying a photo opportunity.

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