Here are some fun Pics from gigs over the past few months...

Berks Jazz Fest Horns in action at the 2009 Berks Jazz Fest
Photos courtesy of Andrew Lepley

Berks Jazz Fest horns at Soul Summit II

Great Show....great fun!!!

Mike and Rob cookin in the background

Here we are with Gerald Veasley at the Tribute to Stevie Wonder concert

Also with Chieli Minucci and Special EFX

Here are some pics from the Turks Head Music Fest in West Chester, PA

Warmup at car while Chuck plans a sneak attack!!

Rob and Chuck survey the event.

Anomaly kickin it at Turks Head.

Me takin a ride.

Here is me demonstrating my abilities as a bandleader by randomly waving my arms around and pointing a lot.

"It's a bass"

No " it's the sun"

No " it's a sax solo"

Chuck posing for photo opportunity

Gig at Union Jacks Inn on the Manatawny

Anomaly on New outdoor stage at Union Jacks.

My Sister Joan is the first Violinist to Jam with Anomaly.

Way to go Joanie!!!....not many people can get to the real essence of the tune Pop-Bop!!!

Horns play as Mike Gordon contimplates his next move.

Chuck and Chris rockin out

2009 Berks Jazz Fest gig at Canal Street pub

Rob and John rock out.....don't ask.

People were great....they danced to " A Musical Salute to Iceland"....bold...daring...but awesome!!!



John looks on as I pretend to use the microphone as a phone.

This flugelhorn brought to you by the proud makers of Lord Chesterfield Ale....sponsors....anywhere????

Here are some pics from Super Sunday in West Chester, Pa

Me, Chris , and John layin down some horn parts.

Chris and John stare at me as I play some harmon mute!!!

Chris and John seem to be enjoying their parts as I stare off in the distance, thinking about yesteryear and stuff.

I don't have a clue what these guys are thinking.

Deep concentration.

Yes, we are playing in the middle of the street.

" Music is a hard instrument"

Mike and Paul playin great as always!!!

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