2008 Berks Jazz Fest Photos
Photos by Andrew Lepley

The Berks Jazz Fest Horns with the LA Chillharmonic!!

Great fun with Richard Smith, Brian Bromberg, Michael Paulo, Greg Karukas, and Greg Adams. What a band!!!!

Too much fun!!!

This was a concert with Jeff Kashiwa at Gerald Veasleys Jazz Base last September.Photo courtesy of Connie Andrews.

The "Shiny" horns with Gerald Veasley and the WJJZ All-stars.

Jammin with the WJJZ all-stars featuring Gerald Veasley, Rick Braun, Bobby Lyle, Chuck Loeb, and Chris Farr.

The "Shiny horns" photo by John Ernesto.

Anomaly at Berks Jazz Fest

My group Anomaly takes the stage at Canal Street Pub For the Fest!!!

Chuck and I in amazement as Hesse takes Bb sax playing to new levels.

Mike, Paul, and Marty layin down some funky grooves yo.

The astute listener.

The party animals!!!!

What outstanding horn angles!!!!

Not since Vanna White has merchandise been so eloquently displayed!!!!!

Still waiting for a Sonare' Flugelhorn!!!!

Herald Trumpets at 2008 Pocono 500 Race

Me, Matt Niezney, and Shawn Krieder scopin out the scene.

Heading to Victory Stage!!

This place is huge!!!

Checkin out the finish line.

Pre Race discussion!

Pre Race discussion!!!!

Pre race tune up!!!

Pre race Tune up!!!!

If this doesn't look like a Police station lineup, I don't know what does!


No pressure. It's 100 degrees in the shade, and only 100,000 people watching us.

Behind the scenes action.

Chillin out after the gig with lovely wife.

Gentlemen start your engines!!


It's Miller time.

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